Designed by players, architects, industrial designers and sport physicians, the globe ensures a maximum of excitement, safety and direct action. Its patented oval playing field is bordered by a banked curve. This added dimension means that players can risk an indirect pass or even a shot at the goal from practically any angle. And, once installed, the globe is always good for a game.

"Globefootball is an attractive project and an interesting new way to play football. It is attractive for spectators to see the fast and skillfull way to play which makes the Globe an excellent marketing tool. We keep following its development with interest."

Alexander Koch, FIFA Media Officer Marketing Communications

" I am very enthusiastic about the design and about the possibilities this concept opens up. Globefootball is very demanding on the player. They will need great ball control, good 3-D orientation and excellent stamina. I can't wait to see the first games "

Hansi Müller - Fußball Euro Champion 1980, Viceworldchampion 1982